We pay attention to detail, naturally

We believe that life should be enjoyed.
We do what we like the most, filled with passion and effort.
We take care even of the smallest details because they make big differences.
We take the best out of nature, responsibly, to bring to your table, flavours that will make you start the day with a big smile.
We are Las Quinas, and we say to you:


A great marmalade is pure flavour and texture

Pieces of fruit, in their perfect ripening point. That is why we use the tucuman variety strawberries , that contain little water and a lot of flavour. Kadota figs in cubes that we naturally cut the tail, whole blueberries and navel oranges , which we squeeze the juice and gel them with their own seeds. We always take care of the properties and benefits of the products we elaborate.

Old habits die hard

That is the reason why we always go right to Don Taberna´s milking yard to make our Milk caramel spread , a gentle, traditional Basque man , a Las Heras local who shares our love for our town and the country life. And taking into account those who aren't able to incorporate sugar to their diets; we have developed a sugar free version, which took many years to develop until we made an almost “impossible” taste for our prizewinning product.

We love Apiculture

While working with our beehives, we observe the task division, the respect for each other's work in pursuit of a common objective, we absorb one of the biggest lessons bees give us and simultaneously gives us hope that we can have a better society.
In Córdoba , in Quilino o La Francia , we found the perfect location to have our honey certification: An abundant flowering and chemical free soil. For our monofloral lemon honey we use orange blossoms from Famailla , Tucumán; and for Eucalyptus: the hills in the Argentinian Mesopotamia.

Each product has its own history.
Together, they make the history of las Quinas.
We take care of every detail, naturally.